Rep. Chris Collins arrested for insider trading

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  2. Thanks for sharing.

    Here is the part I don't understand.

    If you worth $66 Million and you Know you doing illegal trading, why not stop after you make your money for your family??

    it makes 0 sense. I'm worth 66 million and I STILL doing illegal stuff.

    Make your 1-4 million and exit the game.

    It's like a drug dealer making millions a year and continue selling dope.
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    You would be surprised to find out that 4 million does not really go that far.
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  4. Here4money,

    If I have 4 million right now, I'm done. Retired. I go home and sit down and chill. Done. Nomore trading, no nothing. No debt.

    But I can only speak for myself.
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  5. Because people like him with big net worth from non-hard worked for sources have no understanding of the value of money and see it like a score. He is only worth something if that number keeps growing. taking a hit is like taking a hit to his manhood so he does dumb shit like this which ruins him. Happens to every rich mofo handed money or born with a silver spoon.
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    The idea he made his fortune by doing these shady tactics has been floated. I simply don't buy it. This was so amateurish that either the SEC are utterly incompetent, or he wanted to get caught.
  7. El OchoCinco,
    You said it right. I agree with you.

    Like , the guy is just an idot. He already made 66 million and still taking risk.

    66 million, I'm done. My whole family set for life. And I would still trade 1 contracts, cause I enjoy the challenge.
  8. I will go with he is a Congressman and thinks the sun shines out of his ass and can do no wrong....
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  9. Makes you wonder what else he did to get there...
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    There's actually some interesting research that shows that powerful people do in fact end up with a cognetive blind spot that leads them to behave as if they are above the rules that apply to normal people. You summed it all up well in one sentence.
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