Renters are idiots too

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  1. from a NYT article on how rents in NYC are falling

    "Ms. Hsiao, 23, and her roommate, David Liu, 24, settled on a two-bedroom two-bathroom apartment in Midtown on the West Side. It was listed for $4,200. They offered $3,650 a month and were accepted. After one month free and a $2,000 signing bonus, the total came to $3,215 monthly, and they did not have to pay the broker’s fee.

    “This apartment was definitely a great find and a bargain compared to 1.5 years ago,” Mr. Liu wrote in an e-mail message. “It’s definitely a renters’ market now.”

    What kind of salary are these idiots making that they think they are getting a bargain at $3215 ?????

    Must be some scam job.
  2. It's NYC you hick.

    I'm sure you can rent a nice place near your parents house in Northern Idaho for a few dollars per month, but that doesn't happen in the big city.
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    I don't feel like digging for the exact data, but the median family in NYC makes about $45/50K per year, so yes, even in the big city $3300 a month is a shit load of money.
  4. NYC is full of pretentious pricks. Everyone is a artist or actor or actress. But they all work at the local deli. lol.

    So how are they paying for a 3000 per month sardine can in the ghetto? Each sardine can is rented to 2 primary renters who then sub-let to 2 more losers.
  5. LMFAO! :D :D

  6. Glad you pasted that asshole Langs comment, he's on my 'Imbeciles I Never Have To Read Again List' here.

    Hey, you want to piss your hard stolen money away on a rathole, be my guest.
  7. I think it's fair to say 95% of them produce nothing of real value to anyone and they would not be missed if they evaporated into thin air.
  8. I'm not disagreeing with you on how expensive and not worth it NYC is nowadays. I just thought his response was funny.

    Personally, I think not only is NYC overpriced but it's going to turn into a much higher crime area in the not so distant future and I am glad I don't live there anymore (haven't in years).

  9. they arent paying $3300 a month each. they are splitting it and are only paying like $1650 each per month, which isnt that bad to have your own bedroom and bathroom in manhattan.

    the median family in NYC might only make $50K per year but that includes the other boroughs outside manhattan. i'm sure the median income for manhattan alone is much higher. also, it is common knowledge that new yorkers (especially those in manhattan) spend a significant portion of their income on housing.
  10. $50k/year pre-tax in New York City is like $24k/year post-tax
    That won't even pay for a bedroom in Brooklyn (+metro pass)
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