RenTec's Hedge-Fund Legend Jim Simons Will Retire

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  1. James Simons, who's led one of the world's most profitable hedge funds for nearly three decades and helped pioneer computer-driven trading, will retire as chief executive of his firm, Renaissance Technologies, at the start of next year.

    In an afternoon meeting Thursday at his firm's offices on New York's Long Island, Mr. Simons, 71, told employees of his decision and named his successors.

    "I have led the organization and its predecessor for thirty one years, and it is definitely time to pass the torch," Mr. Simons wrote in a letter sent to investors Thursday.

    Come on Jim, without you it´s becoming boring out there ! :)
  2. 1) He's one year too late!
    2) Suss, are you one of the successors? :D
  3. Nazz,

    no, but I might prepare a high aggressive HFT fund that might juice up this boring behavior in index markets.

    Mini S&P's are so easy to read with HFT > 14.000 round turns.

    I have a very simple code to challenge these guys :

    if ES [buy / sell volume] > 14 k counter trade [buy / sell volume] x 2. Should give the machines some headaches.

    For the next weeks, I will be on a roadshow to Asia, collecting some useless USD from Asian investors lying around ! :D

    Until then, keep the markets in control and don't forget to sell into J.P Morgan / Goldman earnings because that's it about this "bull market" !

  4. very good karma. chain smokes like fuck and lives to 71.
  5. 1) Don't eat anything larger than your head.
    2) Be very sure that any "women" you meet are, indeed, women.
    3) The dollar must be very bullish. :cool: