RenTech vs. Getco/Jump Trading?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by losemind, Aug 10, 2011.

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    RenTech vs. Getco/Jump Trading?

    Hi all,

    I met with a great FX high speed trading guy and he hinted that RenTech is very different than Getco/Jump trading in their unique trading styles... RenTech doesn't rely on speed per se... and they adopt a data-driven approach in a unique way.

    Anybody could shed some lights on their trading styles? Thanks
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    it is secret. nobody will shed a light.
  3. Rentec's trading is based on trend following, usually holds much longer than Jump and getco.

  4. why did not you ask the fx trading guy what is the style of rentec?

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    I didn't ask. He told me so ... of course I am interested ...
  6. Nope. Guess again.
  7. that is I know about rentec trading style. are you sure you know more about rentec?