Rennick's Stinkers (Football Picks)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Ok Guys,
    I will be posting my College and Pro Football picks of the week here. I will use the same kick ass formula that I have used to OWN my local bookie for the last 4 years. My formula is simple, if it stinks, PICK IT. You can take these picks to the bank BABY!!! Good Luck but you won't need it, you're betting with the house.

    Rennick the Greek out:cool:

    ps. When you win I get 25%, if you lose ,,,tough shit!!!:D
  2. Sunday, 9/24 Late picks

    I have only 3 games left this week that I consider bonified STINKERS.

    Baltimore- Cleveland: Take the under (33.5)

    Giants - Seahawks: Take the Giants (+3.5)

    Atlanta- New Orleans: Take the Falcons(+3.5)

    Rennick the Greek out:cool:

    ps. Dear Mod,
    I would prefer this thread to be in Trading, I will only be posting to it on the weekends or when the market is closed. If not send to chit chat, but pleeeaaasssseeee leave it here.:)
  3. Do you do anything with four-legged investments?
  4. Rennick, from the way it looks, I think my Dolphins are going to be a popular pick this year :<(

    Marino's only 45... he can't be any less mobile than Culpepper
  5. pcflow


    looking forward to college picks. anybody see the ND Mich St.? what a comeback. GO HORNS!