Rennick's Jap nuke reactor plan

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  1. A US sub needs to torpedo the seawall and flood the site with a manmade tsunami before they lose control of that damned thing. Worry about local lizard life morphing into Godzillas later.

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  2. you mean sink the whole of Jepun?
  3. On second thought those sneaky bastards are probably scuttling the plants for insurance purposes. 40 year old plants need replacing anyway...let the taxpayers and insurance companies foot the bill.

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  4. I heard Silverstein called them and told them how PROFITABLE it is to "PULL IT" :eek:
  5. lol . been a long time since I heard that reference.:D
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  7. Yahoo News: France urges citizens to escape Tokyo

    Yeah like those fuckers need to be told to run away!.......:cool:

  8. France is sending their new Navy of glass bottom boats, designed to view the old french navy. Besides quake victims they may also find the old Jap navy.

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    Good old ReNimitz'ck:D
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    Wish you could put more than one quote at a time. ROFLLLLLLLLLLL! Rennicks quote also !!!!!!!!!!
    At the same time have you seen the videos of US sailors standing with sunglasses on a ship while we tested nukes on the various islands. Man, there is a reason why it is good to question your leadership and get tossed out of the military sometimes. In actual combat shit happens, but when testing, just say no! Although I have to admit if they said we want you to fly this aircraft/spacecraft to Mach 23 into space and see what happens, I'd say lets go! Different people different motivations I guess.
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