RENN Sizzling Hot Buy or Falling Knife (Chinese Facebook)

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by spiritearth, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. RENN looking somewhat attractive at this price point. Earnings should

    be soon, but appear to be unannounced still, which is odd right?

    wouldn't touch SINA, even though it may shoot up before earnings if

    Greece mess gets cleaned up. Actually Greece mess might need a clean

    up for RENN , as well. Groupon IPO should boost RENN because of

    their Nuomi daily deal aspect of the website.

    Will go all in on RENN if hits 5.75. They have $4.00 a share in cash. I am

    slightly considering going in at 6.16 though, depending on news.

    SOHU also down a lot for beating earnings....

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  3. tried to warn ya
  4. stimpy sez helo
  5. nitro


  6. All you need to know about RENN is in its chart.
  7. RENN is just shit. it is packaged as chinese facebook, in fact, renn has no much influence in china. renn has a market capital as sohu, but sohu is much more popular than renn.

    renn is attractive because of its low price. but it is market cap is still too high. it could be worth 1/10 of its current value.

    it is just a wall street story of social network. sooner or later, this story will be burst.


  8. did you go all in.... ?! It's 480 ask. If it was OK at 616 or 575 it must be a f-king screaming BUY at 480... Oui?!!

    Talk is cheap isn't it... when it comes to the markets and acting on "conviction."

    Look at it this way... if you don't make it as an investor you can become a financial analyst with your blazing commentary on stocks and markets; like your analysis of RENN.