Renko, Kagi three Line Break

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  1. Hi all

    Can anybody point me to good sources of information on Renko, Kagi and Three Line Break charts.

    Many thanks in advance


  2. Can anyone tell me what the hell renko, kagi and three line break means? Sorry dude, Im a stupid jackass!
  3. That was a pretty freakin quick Achiever. That's awesome, can I annoy you in the future with more questions?
  4. I caught Snoop on MTV, he's a daytrader. He uses the shnizzle. Which indicator is that?
  5. Ask away! I may choose not to answer though. You gotta learn to be more resourceful dude! :D
  6. Use google search engine and you'll find all the info on those three (Renko, Kagi and Line Breaks).

    The best resource is a german website (I can't remember the name) by some guy that trades them exclusively on the Eminis.

    He even posted his audited trading records for an entire year....very successful trader.

    I tried looking his website up once using all major search engines after not saving his link in my browser bookmarks...

    I couldn't find it.

    Possibly because he doesn't use meta tags and the website looked like it was done by a 7 year old.

    (Note: He wasn't selling anything and I think he was posting info online so distance friends can view it instead of sending emails all the time because he made a few references to his friends having an easier time to view info instead of sending out emails)

    How did I know about the website?

    A German trading pal told me about it and that link was kind'uv weird.

    That German online chat room pal doesn't trade anymore (went belly up trading the T-Bonds) nor do I have his email address...

    thus, I can't ask him for the link.

    Thus, just use all the search engines and look for any German language should be able to find it after an extensive search.

    Then again...with no meta tags in his website...

    like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Via your online research via search will find other useful resources about the Renko, Kagi and Line Breaks...

    worst come to a book. There are a few out there with chapters devoted to the subject.

    Those books should also pop up in the search engine.

  7. ZBEAR


    Steve Nisen of Candlestick fame has a book entitled : Beyond Candlesticks ....

    It has lots of info on Kagi, 3 Line and Renko.
  8. Thanks to everybody for the response.



  9. Start with Achelis, Technical analysis from A to Z.

    The short peppy descriptions will get you functional. You also will pick up comparisons within you subset of three.

    Zoom to the front end of the book to pick off info on more general stuff to see the context.

    You can shift the duration you look at too and the stuff keeps it's integrity.

    To ace it with more precision, you have a small problem. The drift is that you cannot easily couple any of these to other direct market variables.

    You will find P&F is intermingled with these as well. It would pay to at least skim that too.
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