Renewing your Licenses/Series 7

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pdwst33, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Hi currently employed at a member firm, and likely will not be here a few months from now, but instead self-employed. Is there any way to carry your current securities licenses and/or renew them, take continuing ed. etc while self employed? I realize you have to have someone sponsor you..and was wondering if there are firms out there where you could park your licenses provided you're still in the securities business.
  2. I am not exactly sure of the rules, however I am in the same situation. I just left a hedge fund as a member of a broker/dealer to start out on my own. I do know that (this was about 4 years ago) I left another broker/dealer when they closed their office in my town and I had a two year grace period. Since I joined the other firm prior to the two years being up, I didn't have to take the test again. That's about all I know though.
  3. you have two years to hang ur 7 with a firm that you are working on.

    You can not carry it longer if your not sponsered.

    Best thing for you to do, is join a small Broker that will permit you to work from home.

    Otherwise...say good bye to the 7.

    How do I know, because I had to retake the fuking 7, 55, and 63 due to the same situation. I am still self employed but I work with a money manager that has a small firm.