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    I was looking through the threads regarding Renaissance Technologies and I had come across some posts outlining some of the math theories used at their funds and I've drawn a blank finding them again. If anyone can help me out I would appreciate it.
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  3. Probably, based on the number of PhD worked at RT, the chance of employing many approaches for the sake of diversification and distribution of risk would be highly possible. Any single one of the researchers at RT thinking of discovering the holy grail by leaving the firm for venturing/ trading for oneself would be too ambitious, I would guess.
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    The things that have been made public by the former employees' trial had no real math theories involved, just market structure in fact.

    For example, they had information( how? On which market?) where the stops were placed and just kept shorting/ buying to the stop knowing they could offset with the hit stop...

    It was in a recent long and interesting article posted on ET...
    I'm sure the major part of what they do is more math based, but this kind of edge beats any math theory...
  5. One things for certain, they trade a multitude of uncorrelated strategies in the Medallion fund. I'd guess there is no "one trading strategy" of theirs. They probably also trade many (all liquid?) markets at the same time.
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    By the way the Ricci Tensor was exactly what I was looking for and thanks for that .....