Remuneration for Seed Capital Providers

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Ridu, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm managing Separately Managed Accounts for high net worths / corporate clients and have an associate who has expressed an interest in raising further funds from new investors to invest in my accounts... My question: what is the typical fee compensation structure for seed capital raisers?
    It's my desire to keep my associate motivated in raising further capital, however I wish to retain full ownership and control of my company... Is compensation typically a one off % of funds raised? If so, what would be a reasonable amount to pay, and what would be a normal holding period before payment is released? I'm very interested to learn how others deal with capital introduction fee structures and any other issues that I have may overlooked.
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    had a search on the forum but couldn't find much discussed about this... can anyone who has any experience with capital allocators please comment on the normal fee / incentive structure? Is a one off % the seed captial sufficient, or do they normally expect longer term renumeration? Any ideas on how best to approach this much appreciated
    many thanks
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    standard is 20% of what the fund earns. Plus it's paid yearly generally at the end of the calender year after performance is calculated

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    I think you misunderstood him. He is asking about how salesmen that raise or introduce capital for him should be compensated.
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    no, that is exactly what I answered.

    however, i should have made clear standard is 20% of what the fund earns to the person on the capital introduced by that person.

    i thought that was a given, but just in case it isnt


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  9. I have an attrective proposal for capital raisers(SMA investing).
    Can you advise anybody of them?