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    This coming Friday will be my last day at my company of thirteen plus years. The company builds and sells SDKs and SAAS products centered around digital imaging. I have learned a great deal about what it takes to build, sell and support software. Time to take what I have learned and apply it to my own ideas. Having a family and children (one under 5 years old), my scarcest commodity is time. Not for long!

    For the past year and a half I have been working on an SDK/App (C# .NET Core) that uses machine learning techniques to dramatically automate finding trading strategies. It currently supports EOD as has exceeded my expectations in terms of usefulness. I have two more items to complete to fully prove out my idea before I can polish it up and make it a commercially viable solution.

    1. Add support for intraday futures data and be able to find profitable strategies.
    2. Add ability to automatically generate code from those strategies to be used in an external platform for live trading (considering AlgoTerminal as the first platform to target).

    Assuming I get those two items figured out, I should a fully functioning product by October 1. I have a considerable financial runway but am only giving myself until the end of 2018 to get some initial traction with the product.

    Good times!!
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    be very very very very very very very very very very very careful with market.
    money vanishes faster than Trump can print it
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    Good luck!!
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    Wow. That is just fantastic.
    And you! You must be so scared! And so proud! And so hopeful!
    And that whole *raft* of emotions that come with stepping out like this.

    Jeez. {head shaking....] Just fantastic.

    VERY BEST WISHES. And way big :thumbsup: for real, for real.
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    Thanks! Not scared at all...just very excited :) As I see it, there is very little downside to this move. Getting another position as a software engineer (if needed) is so easy in this market.
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    Markets change. But the wife (hopefully :)) and child don't.

    The time "it" takes is always longer than what we think. Keep that in mind.
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    A very good idea to set a realistic deadline and stick with it. Take the shot, but don't find yourself 5 years down the road still dicking with a losing project.

    Being your own boss means also being ready to fire yourself if the time comes.

    (I'm a terrible boss. I should have fired myself years ago.)
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    Baron ET Founder

    Good job fan27! :fistbump::D
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    Great advice! The project is self funded so the goal is to find out as quickly as possible if the project is a go. There will be several logical points in the next few months which will be proceed/pull the plug points so it is possible I might not wait until the end of the year. The main test is can my product dramatically help to find profitable intraday trading strategies. Integrating with third party platforms will be time consuming, but not that complicated.
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