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  1. This is kind of stupid I guess but Ive tried everything I know to remove the glue left over after removing the stickers from the front of my new computer and nothing works. Alcohol, ammonia, nothing. It pisses me off that they make a nice looking case then put those damn stickers on them with some kind of glue from hell. I tried googling but did not find anything out there that works. Has anybody here found something that does the job?
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    spraying on some WD40 and letting it soak for a while will usually remove stickers and their glue.

    it's safe on most plastics, but no guarantee.
  3. There is some stuff that they use at all car dealers to remove the glue residue from window stickers on the inside of tinted windows. This will work on your case if you can find it.
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  5. The wd40 worked like a charm. Thanks. Should have come here first.:)
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    Plain mineral spirits work well too. Somewhat safer than WD-40 which uses a solvent propellant that may damage some plastics.
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    here's more tricks:

    for paper stickers, like price tags:

    smear hand cream on the sticker surface until it is soaked. Wait a few minutes and peel. Vola, no marks !!!

    for durable surfaces (i.e. not plastic or painted)
    if you have already peeled the sticker, but leaving the glue behind:
    use your wife's nail polish remover. Preferrably those cheapy ones without heavy protective lotion. One swipe usually does the job.

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