Removed from Drudge - man receives visit from Secret Service for political tweets.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by wilburbear, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Many of us here might expect to get that knock on the door at any time from the Secret Service, the IRS or from any number of government agencies working to intimidate Americans exercising their rights of free speech.

    We are under assault as a nation and if it doesn't stop it is going to end badly for this country and this government.
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    Some good points;
    not that the Secret Service /IRS visits most people.I read another account of that ''visit'' The secret service asked him if his [2] guns were loaded. and said if he'' crossed the line'' theyre coming back for his guns.

    They clearly thought he was a threat beacuse of his twitter following; + i wonder if the picture of ''air force one ''was taken as a threat also??.And calling someone a t-e-r-r-o-r-s-t who has ''whacked ;; plenty of terrorists, could make anyone wonder about the thinking of of a very hard working critic.....:cool:
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    This kinda shit didn't work out too well for the Germans, a few years back.
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    Mr Bsam;
    I assume you are talking abot Nazi guns laws;
    they[Nazi gun laws] certainly did NOT work well. JPFO noted the term ''sporting purpose'' came right from Nazi gun laws.

    Thank God our US supreme court believes the 2nd ammendment [power] is important , like our Judeo-Christian founding fathers did.:cool:

    Ps While that man who got a visit from USA SS seems somewhat brainy;
    he broke the law of common sense, by calling Pres[who has ''whacked ''plenty of terrorists] a terrorist; then showing what appears to bea the Pres workplace -air force one''.............
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    Actually, I'm referring to all the Nazi-style crap the government is trying to pull on the citizens of this country.