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    I noticed that there once was a thread on the subject but that was back in the dark ages of remote viewing (2003).

    The entire practice has evolved into much more than just long or short predictions.

    I personally have spent a few years testing methodologies and trouble shooting errors to come to the conclusions that it does work 2/3rds of the time for long/short indications.

    There is so much more than long versus short though.

    Anyone else make it past the dabbling (which always ends in failure)?
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    What is remote viewing?
  3. It's a more "dignified" and "erudite" way of looking into a crystal ball to predict markets. :p
  4. How much does it earn, on average, when it's "right" and how much does it lose, on average when it's "wrong"? :confused: :eek: :mad: :(
  5. A guy named "Doug Allen" was involved in teaching traders using this concept. Search for threads on this forum.
  6. Cold (aka c-kid) is the resident expert on Remote reviewing. Also, watch that George Clooney movie about Staring at Goats. If you still think this is a good strategy to base your trading around let us know.
  7. Look up Major Ed Dames. There was a movie about it also with George Clooney and I forget who else. Very entertaining movie, and the best was The Art Bell show that had Dames on regularly. I guess who really knows, but to me it was pure entertainment and when I was at work at 4 am it kept awake and entertained beyond belief.
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    Remote viewing is occult spirituality and involves demons/satan that give you information. Those who engage in it will become seriously cursed (even though it may not be apparent initially). STAY AWAY.
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    Ex CIA remote viewer, sells decent course but one has to practice and perfect it on own. Not a bad $300 odd investment. :D
  10. Please share your experience with Remote Viewing that backs up your claims otherwise you are only speculating and spreading fear. I've stopped believing in Satan. The closest thing there is to the make believe figure of Satan/Devil as a universal tormentor is the Human Ego, it's depths are boundless.
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