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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by nkhoi, Nov 16, 2002.

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    Oh my gwad.

    heh, there are people that actually do this with their money?

    geesus, I should start a "My dog is a psychic trader" website...

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  3. Well I think there's certainly something in remote viewing, I've know about it for many years. However for the markets, no way.

    These guys tend to shoot themselves in the foot when they talk about what they do. There was a big article a few weeks back in one of the UK Sunday papers on 2 groups doing it and training in Cal.

    They put over some good points but then at the end ruined it for themselves when they said that they'd all been at Roswell when the spaceship crashed and had felt sorry for a half dead alien who was crying out for help as a soldier was stamping on its head.

    Then they all hadn't just been to the moon, on no, they'd been inside the moon where aliens had built all types of tunnels and structures etc. One actually said that the moon was built by aliens.

    Good luck to anyone who wants to use it in the markets because I think the result you'd get is that 'I can see a stock, it's going to double next week, it's located in California, and it's name begins with A'. Must be 100's of those types of stocks, but you'd never get the right one.

    Oh, and as well these people predicted 9/11, but I'd have a guess that so did 70% of the psychics out there, or so they would have us believe.
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  4. I once read this book, Psychic Warrior. It's about a US military guy that was inducted into the Government Remote Viewing Program. The US Government have confirmed the existance of the unit.

    They would travel off and visit underground biological weapons factories and stuff. Really cool.

    They reckon that those that are best at it have usually had some type of near death experience or have witnessed UFOs during childhood.

    THe scary thing is that the program was dispanded with the government focusing on recruiting much younger candidates than those already of military age.

    I for one base all my trading on remote viewing.

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  5. [​IMG]

    and for the AdventuresOfSuperGreg click here: :D

    Personally I have experienced and very much believe in "psychic phenomena" as a reality

    Not in the gullible/needy ms. cleo sense

    but in the sense that when it happens you say "the odds against that are astronomical"

    But trying to call on it at will? (remote viewing)

    It seems to me that it is something that comes to YOU..
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    Might as well go to where the gov't. sent it's people for training:

    I tried out the CD's and they do have an impact on your brain (audible halucinations, elimination of stress, incredibly vivid dreams, lost time while listening, and lots of other weird stuff).

    Didn't help to know what the market will do tomorrow, though.

    Someday I'm going to do the one week program for fun.
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  7. thanks for posting the info on "the monroe institute". their hemi-sync method is extremely interesting. i will be researching this in depth.

    thanks !!

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    I started with first set of CD's in the Gateway Experience. Seemed interesting and I'd blown $100 on other dumb stuff. I'm an analytical guy and didn't expect much. It definately blew me away. Had sensations of weightlessness and wiped out all stress in my body. Also thought the first CD was too short. I thought it was only 10 - 15 min., but when I checked my watch 45 min. had gone by. When the voice on the CD said he was synching the left and right half of my brain the first time I had a weird sensation and stopped the CD. Took me a couple of days before I had the courage to try again.

    I ended up buying the second and third sets of CD's. After listening to the third set a few times I had a audible halucination and stopped using them (afraid I was going to have brain damage). I still listen to the first CD of the first set to wipe out stress.

    If you want to just see if this works, buy a cheap CD on relaxation or something for $20. If you listen with a good pair of headphones it'll make you a believer that it's doing something.
    It didn't work with speakers, so I think the headphones are critical.
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    acr, I want out of body experience too and you say all I need is listen to the CDs?
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    I don't know if you'll have an out of body experience. I didn't...but then again I stopped going through the course when I became concerned. Here's what I PM'd another interested person so you can see where I'm coming from:

    I've tried tapes for self hypnosis (to lessen stress while trading), aromatherapy (pulled out a jar of peppermint to keep alert in the afternoon), and books on relaxation (deep breathing). The Wall Street Journal did an article on the one week program which is what got me interested. I'm a skeptic when it comes to CD's and stuff, but I guess I'm a sucker for the cheap scams. I've listened to many self improvement tapes including the Tony Robbins course (didn't do anything for me). Anyway, I had no expectation I'd be able to float out of my body and do anything special...I just thought it was different and hoped it would just help with stress. I got way more than I bargained for. I've had lots of skeptical friends sit down and play a CD with headphones on for 20 minutes and it totally relaxed every one of them. I don't know what it does. I just know it does something. I'm no big chanting nut with a robe on. I just thought it's pretty cool. Maybe someday I'll go back and finish the rest of the series. It seemed to have a cumulative effect on me. By the end of the second set, I felt like I was flying through outer space and could see the stars passing by --- pretty weird stuff. I'm thankful I didn't have another audible halucination after stopping the use of the CD's, though.

    Just use a good pair of headphones like these and you'll get some effect:

    I've tried the life patterning CD's and they didn't do anything for me, except make me very relaxed. I'm probably not a good candidate for hypnosis. I think if you go in with the idea of listening to a CD before trading to get relaxed, you'll get your money's worth. Everything else would be just a bonus.
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