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  2. I was wondering when this would be posted. If this guy can remote view markets, why is he just selling tapes instead of playing bridge with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett?
  3. Good drugs ...
  4. Where do these guys come from ...
  5. as crazy as it is, the u.s. gov and the soviet union both had research groups working on remote viewing in the 60's.
  6. Now there are two groups who are not the brghtest stars in the sky ...

  7. the twilight zone......

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    thank and now a word from ARV (Academy of Remote Viewing)

    Flash: November 14, 2002: If you are in the equity markets, the period from November up to the middle-end of January should be positive for the Dow. From the bottom of 7200 that was reached as we predicted in June, the markets might go up and
    breach the 10,000 mark again and stop before 11,000. A nice move. Take advantage of it to disinvest once and for all. The period thereafter shows a choppy and very unstable outlook as the war in Iraq should unfold. Hopefully with little collateral damage to the planet.

    ..and to GG
    Remember this principle : YOU ONLY TRADE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM. NOTHING ELSE. Believe strongly in success and you become a success. Believe somehow in failure and you will fail. And so it is in all of life's endeavors.
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