Remote trading

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DollarCents, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Any thoughts on working from home? Do most people underperform vs office environments? Does the software work as well with a cable modem?
  2. I would suggest trading in an office environment unless you are already successful trading your own strategies or if you are a swing trader. Being in an office gives you the chance to interact with others, bounce ideas off them and be alerted to opportunities you otherwise would have missed. Additionally, you have access to service bought by the office that would be expensive on your own, such as a bloomberg terminal, spooz call and a news reader service. Plus, trading in a professional office gives you more leverage over going retail and remote. The extra leverage affords you more opportunity to make money, but going remote usually comes with cheaper commissions for volume traders. So, if I were you, I would only consider going remote if:

    I was very well capitalized
    I was successful for many years in trading
    I do not need to interact with other traders
    I don't want anyone to see and exploit my strategy
    I do not need extra services typically paid for by offices

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