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  1. Anyone out there trade remote with Bright? If so what has been your experience with them? How are the fees, their software, and your ability to use capital?
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    I'm Bright's remote trading manager, so while my answers will be accurate, I might have a more opinionated view on your more subjective questions.

    But if you have any specifics, please ask away. I like them, started as a trader with them in 97 because I felt they were solid, gave me good support and had integrity. It's been more than 9 years now and I still feel the same.

  3. damm cody even solicits on the 4th. cody how about this. i'll give you 4 mil vol a month for .002 a share and you give me 300-1 intraday margin with 5k down? . that's a hell of a deal for bright as for 4 mil i'm sure i can get the same deal for .001 somewere. BUT I LIKE YOUR BALANCE SHEET SO MY 5K IS SAFE. how about it we got a deal?
  4. Hey cash, I know this has been asked before time and time again but I'm curious, what's the advantage of trading remotely with Bright as opposed to doing retail trading?

    Besides the leverage, what would convince someone to trade remotely? Isn't the advantage of trading prop, besides the leverage, is being able to talk to the people at bright and get ideas?
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    Remote vs. In-office is a very personal choice. For the less experienced traders, if you get in the right office, it can be a very beneficial experience. If you're already experienced and have a plan that is working for you, then remote let's you implement it in privacy without distraction, yet you still get the prop leverage.

  6. is the fee structure the same as remote vrs one of your prop firms, ie: sec,execution,
  7. Can I get in with no money down?
  8. Hey Cash, what leverage can a trader get with Bright, and what are the fees on 1000 shares round trip. Thanks
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    The only difference is that as a remote trader, you pay a $200/mo seat fee, and if you do 200K shares in a month, then you get that rebated back to you. As an in-office trader, you pay a $400/mo seat fee and if you trade over 12M shares in a year, you get it all rebated back to you.
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    You'd have to call Don and see if he has any intern deals.

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