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  1. My job is as a futures trader for a small corporation. I work in the company headquarters where I relocated to, and after a year of being here have decided that while the job and company are great and I enjoy what I am doing, I cannot take life in the sticks any longer. Working remote may be an option for me, but I need to find an office space where I could work around others engaged in the same business, so I am wondering if there are office environments like this where one can rent space and trade around other people. Does anyone know of any such situations or how one would go about seeking such an office environment?
  2. You might wish to include your geographic location.
  3. Where did you live originally?
  4. I'm from the Northeast and am currently in the Midwest. My goal is to move to a city where I can set up shop and trade remotely for the same company I trade for now, and also to be around other traders, which is something I am currently lacking. Warmer climates are preferable (Houston would certainly work, and I do trade energy), but the main goal is to get into a city and trade in an office with others in the same field, so I am open to all possibilities. I am unsure how to go about finding such a situation, which is why I started this thread.
  5. Do you have a preference between the east coast or west coast?

    What energy contracts do you trade?

  6. Thank you all for your replies. The contracts I trade are primarily natural gas and crude oil futures, and as far as location goes I would prefer a warmer climate, but am open to different possibilities that may exist. The goal of this thread is to find out if such sitautions do in fact exist, and then determine the where and how. Thanks in advance for any insights any of you may have.
  7. Please let us know what you find.
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    Why do you want to have other traders around you ? Trading is an individual race so go trade from your basement :)
  9. Extroversion and desire to share ideas with and learn from others. I need light, so no go on the basement.
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    You might want to look at 'coworking' described in this article:

    Plenty of other examples if you google coworking.

    You can search for a 'coworking' site at:

    Looking into it myself. I want out of the house sometimes but no need to have my ''external society" consist of traders.

    An example I will check out that appears to be represenative of coworking offices:

    Good luck!
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