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  1. So i was recently laid off from my prop firm (thank god... I was going to quit, since my payout was 38%) over some personal issues and disagreements. I have about 21k in liquid equity saved up.

    My firm was a sub of Assent and Ideally I'd like to stick with assent and trade through Anvil. However under my noncompete I do not believe I am able to trade prop or within some hundred miles of boston, and I would need 30k to trade retail. Any ideas?

    Also I have done very well on my personal account trading options. I am very much considering broadening my securities' trading to options, currencies, or futures since they are so much newer and yet to be over-regulated, over-taxed. Any ideas?

    I am willing to relocate, rather eager to relocate. Preferrably to somewhere warm...

    PM me at if you think you might be able to help me out with making decisions, i dont want to miss much more of this ridiculous market.
  2. Mecro


    Uhm ok,

    1) You can't get laid off because you never had a job with Assent

    2) You made 45k Net Last month, while generating 10k commish for the first, yet Assent is getting rid of you? Riiiighhhhhttt.

    3) You are able to make such profits, yet are on a 38% net payout? Definitely something does not add up.

    If this is a shill job, big fail. If it's a troll job, not bad.
  3. reeseinv


    if you have 21k
    what are you waiting on..

    If you good at what you do.

    21K can get you atleast 5 K in two weeks.

    3 trades a week..
  4. Haha I am NO trading god. September was a crazy month and netting 45k is nothing amazing, others made much more. Besides this was my best month.

    However I have only been trading for a year (in nov.) so with 1500 shares and 150k bp 45k aint so bad....

    am i wrong?

    but yeah, they gave me the axe with NO hesitation. After a year of commitment and passion for the trade, hardest worker in the room, but with the cocky attitude to match....

    The problem was I overvalued myself monetarily, and thought i could do whatever i wanted, they obviously disagreed.

    My personal account was nothing amazing either. I started with 8 k and tripled up on options starting october. (mostly puts on utilities and reits, insurance, emerging markets etc...) so i just happened to be right. The question is, what now....
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    so does this mean you will trade retail to get your "weight" up or do nothing at this point ?
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    I guess my next question is , if its that easy ,why not become a sub , establish your own group.. and rule the world ?
  7. One very good month does not a career make. Let's see what you can do now that the volatility is back down.
  8. Assent has an office in Atlanta, and it's much warmer than there! Why not trade directly with Assent?

    Disclosure: I haven't talked to anyone at Assent, so don't know what the office is like.