Remote trading prop firms

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  1. Know of any?
  2. dealmaker


    ECHOtrade, Bright Trading.
  3. any others?
  4. i dont like the platform fee at bright
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. (OK, but, just to be clear).

    $200 per month (includes DDE links NYSE Level One date, and monthly exchange fees)... And, is fully rebated if you only trade 200k shares (a very small number relatively).


  7. Bright trading is good because you always have access to someone there whether on the instant messaging or if your internet goes down, someone always answers the phone right away. Customer service is above and beyond at Bright and always having access to a live person is worth paying higher fees.

    Try getting someone on the phone at IB or another broker.
  8. Do U.S. remote prop firms take overseas traders. Would those overseas traders need to have like a series 7 license when it's required by U.S. traders. Maybe Don Bright can say something about that.
  9. Prop trading and retail are two different types of trading.The former takes the whole risk- the latter will require a deposit.Also retail will prob try and screw you on exchange fees- and charge you a " desk fee"-also known as " Bums on seats" etc.Steer clear of this sort of operation, used to be profitable- but not anymore- U may as well Spread bet- As thats tax free, with a 2 tick spread on Bunds etc...
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