Remote trading from Asia - Sterling or Laser?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by econometrics, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. hi there, it seems that people like laser more in north america, i am wondering if the same holds if one trades from asia?
    would the speed changes a lot?
  2. you won't be happy with laser over the internet with that kind of latency.
  3. No way. If you are concerned about latency use Laser. I am very familiar w/ both. Sterling can have problems w/ in this department
  4. you missed my point... are you "very familiar" with laser under high latency/unstable conditions? i'll say again, laser isn't made for that type of connection with long severe application freezes being commonplace in that environment.

    this is a known issue, which is why genesis doesn't like you to pull down more than 1-2 L2's at a time over the internet. a stable connection in the usa or can. and the odds are better. china, fuggedaboutit.
  5. I didn't know that. Interesting. At least for me I've noticed that sterling is a dog compared to laser an often misses quotes / prints
  6. bb3pt


    I have traded in China with Laser and the connection was fine with me. No disconnection or slow order entry or cancel in any form for myself. Good luck.
  7. i trade from Japan and the last time i used sterling i sometimes got disconnected..
    i have a choice of Laser, Lightspeed, and Sterling now.
    the one thing i am concerned the most is stability/speed, anyone cares to comment?