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  1. I am located in an area where there are no prop firms. I really want to give trading full time a shot, but since i am staying put where i am, i guess it would have to be remote.

    However, I always prefer being right next to the people i work with especially if i need to learn from them. So my question is, is remote training effective? i know a lot of posters will say no training is effective and i need to learn for myself and whatnot, but i just want to know if anyone has been trained remotely and how it turned out for them.
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    Check your PM, i sent you a message.
  3. You could attempt to create some type of trading/investment club on your own if you want companionship. If you build "it", they will come.
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    Me and two other traders joined together to day trade and we used Basically we started our own room and used headsets with microphones so it was like trading with people in the same room. Actually we had traded together on a trading floor and the Ventrilo was more effective for communicating. Just an idea.

    Good luck!
  5. Find some people in the same boat as yourself. There's a ton of them here on ET, and trade together using a program like Skype. Skype is great for conference calls and is free.

    That way you can share ideas throughout the trading day. More sets of eyes can spot more opportunities. This creates more of an office atmosphere and combats boredom.
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    Sound advice. I myself have done exactly this with a group of 6-7 guys I met through ET. It has added a social touch to my work day. And if I'm not on the Skype chat, I'm on tele-conf or gotomeeting with two highly successful traders who live across country. If trading style/methodology is different, and this is often the case, be careful to protect your strategy & goals from chat influences.
  7. Bell Trading, LLC is currently hiring traders, they'll let you be remote if you know what you are doing. They only trade cash and futures though, no equities.
  8. Here is my trading partner...
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    I agree that you should find some traders like yourself and use Skype. You can use it as a squawk box and keep the connection open all day for free. Much better than IM where you have to type.
  10. Does anyone know of any good prop firms to trade remotely with, as a new trader? I don't have any friends who trade that I can learn from. I guess I could look for people on this site but I'd prefer that the people I trade with are from the same company I trade through.

    After getting laid off unexpectedly from my full time job i've found it hard to get back into the groove. it's been two months at the new gig but I'm simply not feeling it. I think this is a sign I need to try something different, such as day trade! But I need a firm that offers decent training and won't rip me off with a high deposit and/or fees.

    Help anyone?
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