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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ZeroSumGame, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Hello Traders,

    I am an intermediate to experienced trader with almost 2 years trading experience. I trade between 30-50 tickets a day. I am looking to branch out and start trading on my own and at the same time training two individuals to trade with me.

    I am looking for a remote trading firm that offers the following:

    No exams (i heard california is the only place that this flies, please tell me if im wrong)

    $5 a ticket max

    95% + payout

    50:1 leverage or better

    Little to no registration fees

    access to a live demo account or two for a couple of months while I help my trainees learn. (willing to pay data fees)

    Good system with good support (i know... everyone has a good system with good support in their own oppinion)

    Charting software which allows me to draw on the charts (not a must but strongly pref)


    I am already ready to register for "the next best thing" but I am last minute shopping for a better deal. If you work for one, can suggest the name of one (and or contact) or own one I would love to hear from you. Private Message me or for a quicker response email direct to

    Thank you,

  2. birdman


    I hope you find exactly what you are looking for. Do you currently have 50:1 for your own trading with no exams?

    Please keep us posted on who you solidify with.

  3. I actually have my 7, 55 and 63, I just want it easier on my trainees to not have to get licensed.

    is that too much to ask to get 50:1 without licenses? I really do not know I used to work for a firm where I needed them just to start. I was thinking of bypassing the whole thing if possible.

    I am speaking to a firm that does 30:1 with no license, I was just seeing if a better deal is out there.
  4. birdman


    I really don't know if your ratio desired is in close or not, but i think it's rare to find firms that don't require a series 7 unless they are outside the USA.

    I don't have much prop knowledge, but maybe i have stirred up the thread and some of the pros will chime in with some direction.