Remote trading at Worldco??

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by silk, Oct 16, 2001.

  1. silk


    Are Worldco traders allowed to trade remotely?
  2. I'm not with them but the usual rule is proprietary traders are NOT allowed to trade remote. You would be trading their money, why would they let you unsupervised???

  3. Hitman


    I just checked and it is not an option.
  4. but robert, echo has remote right?
    isn't that a big part of echo?
  5. Hitman


    I thought Echo is not a true prop. firm in that your own money is traded not firm's.
  6. you're right Hitman...I guess its a difference between prop and pro firm
    so are you saying that you didn't have to put up any money at woldco?
  7. Hitman


    Correct. As most start with little to no capital at this firm.
  8. I've stated this before

    A proprietary firm means they back you

    A professional firm means you back you.

    A firm that will back you will want to have you surrounded by other good traders and will want to keep an eye on you.

    Echo is not proprietary

  9. wow! so that's the difference between proprietary (bring your own money) and professional (bring your own money). So what's the difference?

    I've heard and seen at both types of firms, they'll back "certain few traders" so that they need not back themselves. There in lies the problem. Only "certain ones" get that offer (hitman). So where does that leave:
    .. all those whom don't live near the Branch Office?;
    .. or those who don't fit the profile but exceed the experience or intelligence quotient;
    .. or those who have not experienced trading at an excellerated pace? I guess Worldco doesn't have remote, but also doesn't require upfront monies (conditional offer, limited few).

    What you should be asking is "WHY would you take this enormous risk without covering your own bases?"

    I'm giving 5 Cyber Credits to the person that names this quote: "Maverick, get in here... That was some incredibly good flying, but you're writing checks your .....s can't cash...". Get the point?
  10. limitdown,
    are you kidding? Lets get serious. "it's party time! Italian style!"
    what movie?
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