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  2. I have been on Sterling for a while now they have come a long way, overall can't complain with them. Need to use the API for some partial auto-trading as well. I avoid all costs of going with one of the Canada based props, spoken with several traders who had horrible experiences with them, no rules or regulations out there it's the wild west!

    So I am leaning on the fence towards JC Trading Group which many seem to recommend on here. After speaking with them their rates were just a bit higher then PTG Securities. I appreciate all the inbox messages but it seems some of you "work" for the firm in some capacity, any actual real traders with either of these two?
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    JC Trading has a great reputation from what I gathered.
  4. I also highly recommend JC Trading. Plus, if you don't like Sterling they offer both Lightspeed and Laser (from Genesis).

    I used to use Sterling but got frustrated with orders going "italicized" and hanging. They recommended Laser to me and I couldn't be happier. I have never seen orders executed so fast.

  5. I think you should go with laser or lightspeed i think both the software are great.
    Sterling is also expensive and once u use lightspeed i dont think you will go with any other platform.
  6. agree on Laser. I actually still use Sterling. No complaints really.
  7. I inquired about JC trading. Their Reply: Required 250,000 shares traded per month. One of my stocks is GOOG, that's asking $125M per month (assume $500/share) of trading?!! Beware. Ridiculous? You bet. It appears large volume trading is encourage to generate commissions.
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