Remote Traders With Live Track Record Seeks Backing/Prop Firms

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  1. I introduce my situation first before going into question.

    I was hired to Shanghai, China as a trader back couple years ago. I work in a proprietary firm before joining hedge fund as Derivatives Portfolio Manager. Last year, I quit my job and came back to my own country, Malaysia. I tried Google on prop firm and found elitetrader discussing.

    Currently I am looking for prop firm that able to take remote traders. I need to highlight couple problem:

    1) I am from Asia
    2) I hope to trade remotely rather than flying here and there anymore
    3) My strategy mainly focus on Futures and Options (MUST)
    4) Overnight holding (MUST)
    5) I don't want to become billionaire (So please don't tell me TST or E2T because I can't earn 6% every month consistently and I don't do speculation trade)
    6) 10% risk and expected 15% - 30% ROI (Depend on market volatility) (Low risk, low return, high risk then make sure ready to go bust)

    I can provide statement for year 2016 daily exchanges trading activity with USD 2.5mil account. Please take note that firm increased by partly to 2.5 because they only gave me USD 100,000 in the beginning. Maybe people wondering where is 2017 and 2018? This is because after I accept the offer as Derivatives Portfolio Manager with another hedge fund firm, my job is to internally hedge Single Underlying Structured Notes with market. That is my situation currently.

    PS: Please also advise any prop shop that able to leverage 5:1 - 8:1 maybe. Probably that's my last option.
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    Make $12.50 on 1 contract in ES every day for a month, after commissions. Then maybe peeps will talk to you? *shrugs*
  3. Why they will talk to me after making $12.50 everyday for a month? I don't get it.
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    You have a job, with a paycheck. You are blessed.
  5. try some shops in singapore like flowtraders/grasshopper, but remote no
  6. Sorry, I don't feel that it is funny at all.
  7. I have heard both of them but as you mentioned no remote. There is another name Snap Innovations which I found recently and they do support remote, still waiting for reply. So far I found 3 in Malaysia. There's 1 name Tactical Hedge but unfortunately trading in Malaysia equities market only which I completely blank. Another 2 are some sorts of Intraday and futures only.
  8. so if i summarize what you are saying, 1. i don't have money to trade my own account, 2. my performance is nothing spectacular, 3. i need someone to capitalize me for some leveraged products, 4. i wanna stay home in malaysia, 5. let me risk your money from home for an average joe
  9. It won't surprise me at all there are some haters with some criticism. Some people loves to concentrate on three digits return but when you manage millions, tell me about it. I can put my own 50k today, but what can you do much with 50k? A contract of Germany Dax margin maintenance cost you about Euro 11k and of course it is easy when you trade speculations type of trading. But if you need to build Delta One with couple of instruments, what is 50k? I doubt about that.
  10. By the way, let me share some real experience in prop firms. The previous which I work in, they willing to put in about USD 60m just to cross market hedging Chinese Gold with COMEX Gold price variance. Guess what? They are more than happy to take 20% PA ROI, 5% Risk, 10-12% trading cost annually. If you put your retail mindset with some sort of spectacular returns on speculation trading and walk in to prop firm or hedge fund, take my words, YOU WON'T GO FAR.
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