Remote Traders to get hit with BIG Internet Access Fees

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  1. Thats ridiculous and in no way will go into an effect.... That's like saying people who watch more tv should be charged more.
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    I was just about to post the same thing re TV usage. Ludicrous idea by the ISP's.
  3. Actually its very common in the rest of the world. I think its because so much traffic is international where the bandwidth costs to the ISPs are much more significant. But it doesn't have ANY effect on traders - its about file sharing and video downloading.

    I have a fairly standard limit for Australia, 12GB of traffic (sum of in + out), and my trading, mail and browsing, plus the other two pcs on my network, amounts to less than 3GB per month.

    The other 9GB are TV shows (350MB each), films (under a G each) and large file transfers like Games (often 6G now). So keep your video and your kids under control and you'll have no problems. For another $10 per month I could upgrade to 24GB.
  4. I am using BitMeter, and I have no idea what the last two posters are talking about. Running two trading applications all day and just regular internet browsing, no downloading, will use at least 1gb per day according to the program. What do you guys watch, one quote and one chart on one trading application?
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    u are recieveing tiny bits as numbers, bandwidth is super low for trading program
  6. The general public will cry bloody murder when they find out about this, even if it doesn't impact them. The net has become way too much a part of every day life. I don't think metering will be implemented widely.
  7. This statement makes no sense.
    The ISP is not charging you for "bandwidth" they are charging you based on the actual amount of data downloaded and uploaded. If it takes you 10 seconds to download 10mb (high bandwidth) or it takes you 10 minutes (low bandwidth) to download the same 10mb the ISP will still charge you the same amount of money.

    I am now running BitMeter and Bandwidth Monitor to see if there is a difference and they are giving me basically the same information.

    If you are a trader that watches just a few things and doesn't change symbols much and only runs one application during RTH then you probably don't use much. However, if you have multiple applications running all day with a lot of charts, option chains, and quotes, and pull up different symbols so you are requesting more data each time you do that, then you could easily use 20 to 25gb per month or more just from trading.

    That is still well within the proposed caps of 40 to 50gb per month, but you would have to forget about downloading movies or any other intensive use. These plans would put so much pressure on all the TV and movie downloads and video streaming that are just now becoming so popular I would have to think the current experiment the ISPs are doing wont work, but we will have to wait and see.

    Even if it turns out you have to pay $100 per month instead of the usual $50 per month because you are a heavy user I can't see that affecting too many traders. A little more money for your link to the outside world is not a bid deal.
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    That's prolly true, I don't dl movies etc but an expanding % of the population does so it will impact a larger share of the general public than I was thinking it would.
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