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  1. How do you enjoy trading from the comfort of your own home. Advantages and disadvantages? I am considering going remote, been trading for about five years. The firm I work for is great but feel I have reached my max potential for right now
  2. You need a good internet connection.
  3. Not only do you need a good connection, you also need a good computer to handle all the data that comes in. I been trading from home for about a year now and I would not change it for anything. Love the fact that I can just get up and walk couple feet to my desk and work. Also when the market is slow, I am not force to sit in front of the computer and over trade.
  4. There are a lot of pros and cons to trading from home versus trading in an office.

    From home you never really escape the markets,you have to pay for and keep modernising the equipment,deal with internet slippage,deal with other IT issues but you can work more flexible hours and depending on how much you make you also save the cost of having to travel and buy lunches etc.

    It can also get a bit lonely and you end up doing other stuff you wouldn't dream of while having trades on like helping your wife in with the shopping or taking the dog to the vets!
  5. I think I am going to trade from home 3 days out of the week then head to the office for 2 since I am only a few miles away. The place I trade with got me pretty setup for trading from home. I am using the verizon highspeed it's quick enough, running anvil, eSignal, trade the news and various filters I programmed. We use a program it's an online web-teleconference software very similiar to skype. I rather not mention the LLC I trade with due to all the gossip going around lately but they are a LLC of Assent and have been very happy with them and their team. They are not going anywhere.
  6. Good idea,I suppose each person has their own preference,I set up at home in April 2000 and at first thought it was great but it wore off after a while.

    It's ideal to have a set-up at home and in an office that's not too far away so you can trade from where you feel like on any particular day and mix things up a bit.Also in the event of internet problems or a piece of equipment breaking at home you can still access the markets and get involved.
  7. What platforms are you guys using? I am using Anvil.
  8. I'm only trading futures markets,the three main Exchanges,even though TT are surprisingly unpopular as a company their infrastructure is pretty good, so that is the platform that I use.
  9. trust me, you need more than 1 internet connection.

    I recommend cable with a DSL backup. There's nothing quite as exciting as having your internet go down while you've got a few large trades open:)
  10. A few years back, a friend was trading using 2 DSL (1 as backup). I learned from him that it doesn't matter how many DSL lines you have, you only use one phone line. His phone line went down and both his DSL line went down.

    DSL and Cable line is the way to go.
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