remote tax writeoffs

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  1. o.k lets have it boy's!!!!!!.....beyond golf, dinners, and can we write it off for working at home
  2. YES>>>ANYONE?

    I am a remote too!...tell me tell me tell me
  3. Move offshore ...
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    i believe the % of your house, apt, etc that is solely used for the business of trading can be deducted. this could be a great thread so i wanted to contribute my minimal input and keep it alive for now. thx.
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    You can deduct a portion of your cable bill because you watch CNBC all day.

    Internet, trading data feeds, computer cost, desk, chairs, a portion of your utilities...

    (If the IRS defines you as a trader)
  7. at torrey pines or whistling straights or cog hill to talk business with fellow traders?????????