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  1. Which vendors allow you to get your own strategies autotraded on remote servers, so you can avoid problems with internet connection, power outage, and personal computer problems? (Not interested in third party strategies.)

    Is there anything out there other than Strategy Runner?
  2. AdvantageFutures LLC The cost is $350 also GHCO ...there are many for the futures industry. Stocks I don't know since I don't trade stocks
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    why don't you just host a box at a colo? Then you can have guaranteed power, bandwidth and ac for your auto trading server. Depending on where you live you can probbally get setup for $50 - $100 a month. The cheaper the colo the less guaranteed services you will get, ie no guaranteed power. But its still secure and better than running a box plugged into the linksys on the office dchp dls connection. My 2cents.


  4. My systems autotrade ER2 and ES, so I will call those trading companies next week. Any general comments/advice on remote server autotrading? Odds on systems getting "borrowed" by these trading companies?
  5. Please give me a basic description of: "host a box at a colo"
    I live in Charleston, SC. Who would I contact?
  6. I am a programmer, so, I've taken protective measures. No source code of course. However if you trade through them they know your position for risk management purpose. As a programmer I know you can do all most anything if they really want to. It still would be difficult form them to front run you.
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    sorry for the slang can do a search on google for datacenter colocation facilities in your area. I didn't see to many in charleston, there was one with a broken website. Usually a bad sign for a internet company. Then you can buy a noral computer install the applications you want on it and access it remotely. **WARNING: There are security concerns with this kind setup so you want to make sure that the server is protected appropriately. I found a provider in North Carolina so you can see an example of the kind of place I am talking about:

    But it should be ok becuase you can manage it remotely and shouldn't need to go to the physical machine very often. Feel free to pm with any specific questions, I can make recommendations and summarize them in a post if others in the community have similar questions on a general level.

  8. If you trade future why not have the server at your future's broker where you can get 10 -100 millisec response:confused:
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    hehe good point, sorry if I am complicating the solution. Just wanted to make sure he knew there were other options for what he was trying to do. :D
  10. genesis host blackboxes i think
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