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  1. hawking industries has a dual cable/dsl router which combines your throughput from BOTH and will seamlessly switch connections if any problems arise.

    with my cable at 4.2mbts and dsl at 1.3........ it works BILLYBAD

    also less than a hundred bucks!!!
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    Sounds great. Do you have a link?
  3. where can i get one?
  4. me too?
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  6. the $74 included 2 day shipping :D
  7. Are you saying that your connection speed is now 6.5 mbts (4.3 + 1.3) with this router?
    I did not find anywhere in the product description that said it combined the throughput. That would be awesome if it did!

    I have the nexland router but it does not combine the througput of the 2 connections.
  8. The 6.5 Mb is only for split packet application, but if you have a data provider as RT, eSignal or something as that you will have only one of these 2 throughput because these applications cannot be split on the output because they have to control one user at the time. But you can have one application on each way and this will give you an effective 6.5 in this case.
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