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  1. I am new to this forum and I have been reading most of your threads diligently. I have searched a number of older threads for the information which I am seeking as well. Since I am unable to find the information I am looking for, I decided to start my own thread.

    I am interested in Remote Proprietary Trading. I have located a large number of Direct Access brokers, a smaller number of Proprietary Firms and even fewer firms which offer Remote Prop Trading.

    I am not interested in paying for training but I can contribute capital. I am licensed and have traded both retail and (very briefly) proprietary with moderate success. I was working for a Prop Firm but my wife's job required us to relocate and the firm I was working for does not permit Remote Trading.

    Though I am considering myself a beginner in this venture, I am very serious and committed to making trading my career. I have both industry knowledge and trading experience, but realize that I have loads to learn about trading for a living.

    Please educate me on the firms that permit Remote Proprietary Trading. Feel free to reply to this thread or to PM me.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Bright has a pretty significant fraction of their traders fully remote. I say "fully" as many of the office based traders will trade from home when they don't want to change out of their PJs (right Don?).

    Check out the "remote trading" button on

    They may want you to take their 5-day class before starting, but w/previous prop experience and a S-7 ... Ask 'em
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    I know Andover/Assent LLC has pretty good remote trading capability with their "Hammertrade" platform. I used it a few times, even overseas and it was pretty stable (not perfect of course). My other friends have used it and they seem to rate it pretty good. Hope this helps
  4. Check into

    I know of one trader that has been with them for over 6 months now and another that just joined them this week. I have been trading in an office for awhile and am thinking about going remote to save on commissions. I haven't contacted them yet but I know their rates are pretty competitive and they go through Andover so you can trade with hammer which is a great trading platform (click on Software to see the reviews). I think their capital requirements are low (5-10k).

    Good Trading & Please post if you find a good deal trading remote as I'm getting tired of paying .01/share and looking to add more $ to my bottom line. I am dragging my feet on leaving an office because I like being in a office with other people but financially it really doesn't make any sense to stay especially since we have had some really tough weeks/months this year.

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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Hi Durango,

    I manage Bright Trading's remote program. You can look at our remote site directly:

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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    Are there any remote firms out there charge a flat per trade fee (i.e. 50 cents per trade, not per share)?
  7. 50 cents per trade? Even I may be able to turn a profit at that rate.
  8. out of Los Angeles.

    I have been with them for the past year as a remote trader and have enjoyed using the Hammer Execution Platform. All trades are cleared thru Assent, LLC., which is owned by an NYSE publicly traded financial services firm called Sungard.

    Sungard's stock symbol is SDS on the big board and they are a member of the S&P 500 and had annual reveneues of roughly $2 billion.

    Most of PCT's traders are remote.

    The only complaint that I have is that the Cytrix-based Hammer Execution Platform by Assent, has a horrible charting package. Pacific Coast will set you up with Hammer for free, but you are going to have to spend $165 per month for a charting package, like Realtick.


  9. Please post some of the PMs you have gotten... that we may enjoy them.
  10. Waggie, since these guys--as per their web site--seems to be more or less an offshoot (for lack of a better term) of Andover/Assent (they use the software and the clearing service), what advantage do you find in trading with them rather than with Andover directly?

    What's the commission structure and minimum trading volume?

    Thanks in advance for the info.
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