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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by lundy, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. lundy



    I have 5k, and want to trade remote, 100% payout. I will trade stocks intraday, 100-200 shares. Nasdaq and NYSE stocks.

    Please contact me if your firm can offer decent platform, decent commissions, and free software or very low fee.

    My main reason for wanting to trade prop is to get around the PDT rule.

  2. lundy


    I left out one important piece of information. I am not licensed.
  3. Jason,

    That shouldn't be a big problem getting what you asked for.

    One piece of advice: make sure that you get solid training instruction from your firm.

    I can tell you from experience that the majority of the prop firms suck in their training. It took me a few blown accounts to finally find a good firm.

    Good luck!!!
  4. ashm


    T-Bone Trader - Please could you share what prop trading firm you found that was good for training
  5. hun83


    CY group .so far OK.
  6. roth888


    T-Bone, can you advice me on some good prop firms with training? I am looking to become a prop trader. Thank you very much and any comments, advice, and inputs are highly appreciated!
  7. elguapo


    I'll give you a few firms:

    cygroup: no bs, easy to get a hold of, easy to withdraw

    lion pride: good deals, possible execution issues, unresponsive.

    title: don't even think they advertise it, and there's probably a reason for that. well its not that bad, you just take any deal from golden/wts and tag on between 500-750 extra a month for no reason.

    golden: i hear good things, good executions. BUT, there are people on this board saying the software/entitlements come out to about 250. I'd like you to put it to the test because its my firm belief, unlike a cygroup/wts, that they charge 250 JUST TO USE STERLING, without entitlements.

    maybe some folks worked out a different deal, but it is there general policy to charge 250 without entitlements.

    I mean you have 1000 posts you can't be a massive troll do this board a favor and call these fools up because I can't stand having this, "its only around 250 all in" myth spreading on this board. If you've never traded a share in your life, THEY WILL try and charge you 250 for sterling unlike WTS or unlike cygroup for laser, assent subs don't even do this, or unlike any other prop firm i've ever heard of in my life that accepts a deposit, minus title which their random remote deal with its fees are just a mystery to me...

    charge 250 for STeRLinG?????

    thats a joke.
  8. I will add one to the list, it may be just a boutique firm
    but these guys know how to run a prop firm

    They offer mentorship and a free live trading room run by
    a moderator and the pay out is nice 98%

    RTFM trading

    pm me for details

  9. sorry, what does "Entitlement" mean??