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    I am looking for a remote shop as I live in Europe (to circumvent the daytrading rules) and want to daytrade the Russel3000 universe with stocks above 5USD and at least 400k volume average over the last 10 days. I am looking for a place where I can put up something like between 5k and 10k. I would need about 40k / 50k capital to use. Never any overnights: I would enter all my trades at open en exit them at close. I would be doing a monthly volume of about 60k shares. Is there such a thing out there with reasonable commissions and overall costs ? Suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Team Trading, ask for Charlie Vaccaro.
  3. You forget to add that you are guaranteed to loss it all to that crook ..
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    I will have to add that I have my own strategy (I have put months of research into that) and that I am only willing to trade that one and that one alone.
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    Don't be an idiot, doesn't benefit anyone.

    To the OP: maybe JC Trading would be a good fit (they're a sponsor on this forum). I believe they charge 0.005/share, 20:1 leverage if you need it and platform fees are standard, in the 200 range.
  6. 60k shares a month? most prop shops have volume qualifications. You need to trade at least 300-400k shares per month to avoid fees. Not saying you won't find a place, but the firm won't make much from you if you only trade 60k shares per month.
  7. 60/20=3K SHARE PER DAY

    How could you justify sitting in front of a computer all day for that? unless you were exactly right on extremely volatile stocks?
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    I think I will be extremely right: % winners is over 70% with a profit ratio of 4.55 in my forward testing of the last seven months.
  9. What are your daily expectations in regard to profit?
  10. i would highly recommend Goldman Sachs Prime Brokerage
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