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  1. DeepC


    Just a newbie checking out all options.

    I have several question relating to trading remotely with a prop firm.

    1. Anyone out there trading remotely with greentreetrading who is not a manager or a recruiter?

    2. Are there any other firms that allow a non licensed trader, to trade a private funded account like Greentree does?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I am not trading With GTT, i know that they provide you capital
    trough pacific cost trading and broker will be andover.

    GTT is a good firm and i wanted to open account with them,
    But i could not trust Pacific cost trading. I send mail thrice to Andover to make inquery about them, but they never replied

    Then i contacted PCT directly, and this was their only reply:

    "All money with PCT are SIPC insured"
    Cameron Ward

    How people can trust a LLC firm like this? which does not
    want to show any prove that how they are SIPC insured?

    Even their e-mail adderess is not official.
    be aware......
  3. There are better options available trough GTT, that they
    can provide capital for you trought professional traders funds LLC

    They charge you 200-250$ or 1% of capital used, whichever
    is greater. I think they are safer than Pacific coast since
    they are backup by financial systems group.

    Other brokers that offer capital are RedWoodtrading,
    Millinium Trading, Great Eastern Securities.
  4. Hammer software is gotten thru PCT. Capital is a whole other story.
  5. Hammer software is gotten thru PCT. Capital is a whole other story.

    I am very intersted in your "whole other story"?

    I think it's better for "Green tree Trading" to stop doing
    business with these stupid people, who do not know how
    to reply their customers inquiry. Traders might lose trust in
    your firm, slowing if you continue with them

    Even Andover (Assent Trading) does not trust them.

  6. We dont need this. If anyone wants to know all the back office details, call the office or PM me. By the way, PCT is a assent sub LLC, and Assent is just fine capital wise. Ask anyone.
  7. Email Cameron personally...
    One of the nicest guys around. Im sure he wil answer any questions you have about PCT.
  8. By the way, PCT is a assent sub LLC, and Assent is just fine capital wise. Ask anyone.


    If they realy are Assent sub LLC, then why Assent do not want
    confirm in regard to my mail request sent to them.

    Joey, Please come up with logical reason. I personaly do not
    think anyone will transfer any money to them with their case.
  9. Well first of all I doubt Cameron would be happy about his email address being put on here to get spammed to death and get on every mailing list in the world.

    As far as I know Andover/Assent usually does not answer question about the numerous sub-llc that have accounts with them. So basically you were emailing the wrong people to get an answer so it is not a surprise you did not get a response. Then again is sounds like you did get an answer back from PCT although a short one. I don't even know where the hell you jumped to the conclusion that Andover does not trust them. Since you never got a response from Corporate Andover it does not seem likely they said that.
  10. you can damn well say that again joey!!!!

    Cameron Ward is the real deal...... You will not find a more fair, honest, straight talking, non amateur hour guy in the business.
    I trade my account through him and wouldnt switch my 3 million shares a month if somone offered me 3s all in.
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