Remote Prop Trading for Newbie

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  1. I live in an area where there are no prop shop offices for me to go to. How would you recommend a newbie going about getting into prop trading remotely? Do you believe a good beginner can at least break even trading alone without any mentors or formal training in the beginning? If so, what is the best way for the newbie to learn? Is it to simply start trading and analyzing, and learn the hard way? Would you discourage one from getting into the game this way?
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    either way you're going to lose. but you'll learn more in an office, so pack your bags and move.
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    Get a real job kid.
    - Fact -
    Even with 12 intellectual traders who are trained with a mentor.

    One will be very succesful (that one trader has trading background of 10+ years, 100k/year)
    One will be moderately succesful (50k/year)
    Two will be getting by (10k-35k)
    Six will be breaking even (annual income 0)
    Two will be losing (-10,000 annual income)

    So now since you have no experience, you have a 25% shot of making over 10k a year. Wow. You have less than a 10% shot to make 50k/year. Why not find a real job kid.

  4. There is no REAL training in this business. So-called mentors are most likely losers. So-called high rollers are shut behind the private doors and you don't really find out about them for a year. read books, paper trade, then get a demo account(be honest), then open a small account with a prop shop, let them take your money. then think about it again if you really want to do this. learn from your mistakes, etc etc. Good Luck