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  1. i have been looking for a prop firm for awhile but people are telling me different things all the time and can never reach a conclusion. could someone here please be constructive and just help out instead of shitting around? i appreciate constructive opinions.

    deposit $7000
    platform: sterling or laser
    remote from asia
    leverage 40:1
    commission: 0.1 per 1000 shares
    software fee: as cheap as possible

    i am now leaning towards World Trade. Can anyone give me some suggestions ?
  2. Check your PMs.
  3. Where in asia are you located?

    If you are looking for remote trading there are a whole bunch of them around. The problem with prop firms that offer remote is that most of them claim that you will be trading firm capital with no risk to you. The reality is that most of them require you to purchase a "mentorship or a training program" that can run to at least $5K. Once you are done you will be given "buying power" and a stop loss level. The so called "buying power"is really a margin account that the firm has access to. The bottomline is that the so called "training fees" is really a disguised "security deposit".You can be sure that once you get to a point that your trading losses come pretty close to what you pay for "training" you will be asked to stop trading.

    So, many times you are better off trading in a prop office that will not require upfront fees or deposits. Of course, the disadvantage is that you need to be physically present and that the risk parameters can be pretty strict. Payouts can range from 15 to 50% or even more depending on performance.

    Hope this helps!
  4. I is also verie intereseted in finding a good prop firm.

    I live in New York but am curious to find a asian company with chinese and taiwanese traders to trade with and talk to

    Do you know any firm that is chinese in NY?

    I want to deposit maybe $30,000 to start