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  1. I'm looking for information on firms that allow their traders to trade remote and have a platform that uses hot keys to place orders, since thats what I am use to. On a side note, should I really basis my decision on opening an account with a firm cause it uses hot keys or a point and click set up? Or should I learn to deal with it? I've only been trading for 5 months, so be easy on me cause I've seen threads get ugly quick. LOL. But thanks for your feed back.
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    We use RediPlus at Bright Trading. It has a very configurable hotkey functionality. We also have remote trading. Let me know if you need more info.

    Regarding the question about using hot keys as a reason to use a firm. Well, first, I'd have to say in today's day and age, if a firm's software DOESN'T have hotkey functionality, I'd be very surprised (and question how out of date their technology is). Second, if hotkey functionality works for you and makes you money, DO IT! (Hell, if having a drunk donkey in your trading office and buying everytime he farts works, and THAT makes you money, trade remote, get some nose plugs and do that! :D )

  3. "donkey farts"...LOL...

    I agree with Cash, who is much more techno than I, about the Hot Key situation...I'm happy with Redi being linked to Excel, etc.

  4. Don,

    Does anyone trade futures with their own systems through Bright.....remote?