Remote prop firms with Stering Trader Pro?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by JMowery1987, May 11, 2006.

  1. If anyone here knows any prop firms that use Sterling Trader Pro with remote trading available can you please reply and/or pm me. I'm trying to find firms that use the software, it's mainly an institutional platform, but I am having a difficult time finding firms that use it. Please only reply if you have information about this, don't want to argue over platforms or anything.
  2. i use sterling and i clear echo....
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    I don't know whether they are a prop firm, or just retail. Their website mentions Real Tick, but the last time I spoke with them they offered Sterling. The guy I talked with is Richard Dank.
  4. Echotrading has never returned an e-mail, and I have made several attempts to e-mail them, I assumed they were not hiring.... Don't know though...

    I just really like using the platform, just happens to figure it's the one I can't find at many places.
  5. Yeah, I believe that is a retail only firm, maybe in 2 - 3 years I could afford to go retail all on my own, if I'm fortunate to keep it up... but, I was hoping to start trading with Sterling now.
  6. Vtrader uses Sterling. It is a really nice platform kinda looks like REDI w/ extensive API functons and documentation. Furthermore, the support people are courteous.
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    Try Vito Sisto or Chad boughton at Echo Chicago... I am sure they are both hiring.
  8. So i guess it's either Vtrader or Echo.

    Appreciate the responses. I'm looking into it right now.


    Looks like it's only EchoTrade.
  9. i did not realize you were looking for a job...

    i misunderstood as i thought you would be putting up your own funds...sorry
  10. Oh no no... I am planning on putting up my own funds and trade remote, I just thought they didn't want anymore traders.... or something like that.

    hehe, my job is to trade :D I just need buying power and a platform to do it, I'm just interesting in Sterling more than ever now.
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