Remote Prop Firm or Prop Office in Tennessee?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by dbhs, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I'm looking for a firm that accepts traders for in Tennessee, I had been planning on going with Echo although they do not accept traders from Tennessee.

    It must be setup as a member partner firm with the ability to have investing member fund trader accounts.

    Also, I would like the basics
    10 to 1 (or more) intraday and hopefully 4 to 1 overnight.
    Good server side execution speed.
    .0005/share or under
    Series 7 sponsorship
    A well thought out GUI and easy API.
  2. try Echo, Bright, WTS
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    Echo does not accept members from Tennessee I talked to them on Thursday. But I will give WTS a call on Monday. For some reason Bright has just never made me think I wanted to trade with them. Although that's probably just because their website looks like it hasn't been updated since 95.
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    I've looked that over before and I guess I will just give each one that looks like it might meet my criteria a call. I would like to trade internationally and 100% payout

    However, my main concerns are the company’s stability and structuring.

    Traders must be partners and have the ability for non-trader investing partners fund specific trader accounts.
  6. you wont get 100% payout. SEC specifically outlined that 100% and 99% payouts are not profit-splits and therefore would be a retail brokerage account.
  7. Glad you finally read the memo posted, which everyone else in the world knew about and adhered to.... By the way, you can't even read. The CBOE put out the memo, not the SEC. You were (and are) looking quite uninformed until you admitted this payout issue is even weird that WTS and its sub groups still offer those payouts...

    More importantly....

    Still haven't seen that answer you said you would ask for about WTS's Class A capital Vs. Class B capital? This takes about 4 seconds to answer from them, so we are all losing patience here. Starting to think they aren't giving you an answer for the worst reasons (they are running the company on class B trader's money...) Can you get us some #s WTS will back up on what the breakdown is?

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    Do you know the rule number?
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    Thank You, Sgt
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