Remote or not to remote that is the question

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Where do you/would you rather trade?

  1. office

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  2. home

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  1. interested to hear from people who have worked both out of the office and from home. pros and cons
  2. I think it all depends upon you and mix of people in the office.

    The people in the office might encourage you or prove to be a distraction. You might be able to focus better on your own or you may need a support group to help you focus.

  3. Tide31


    Agree. If you have good news and one of the trade/commentary sites up, after many years I am moving back home. Have done both and at this point, I work better in a vacuum by myself. Get too distracted with calls to buy FSLR or WYNN or some other like 5 beta stock that I always lose money on. Besides its Swine Flu season.
  4. I often find being around traders to be a distraction to me personally, at the same token i do benefit from them from time to time. :confused:
  5. John47


    I traded in an office for the past 3 or so years just recently began trading at home. Traded first in an office w/ about 30 traders, then a smaller office w/ 3 other guys.

    Depends on the traders. If its a smaller office w/ good traders, healthy competition and a lot of informative talk, it can be very helpful, as long as people are quiet during busy times. I think if you're a beginner, i.e. two years or less of expirience, you should be around peers.

    You have to be more mature and confident to be by yourself. You have to have a solid routine and be very disciplined, able to be VERY objective about your trading, the market environment, and what opportunity is available. Able to know when to take breaks and when to focus intently on the market.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Thanks John, very helpful indeed. If you don't mind to just tell me a little about your transition to trading from home, are you trading the same way, better? worse? should i expect some time to get adjusted?

    Thanks in advance

    by the way im trading for 3 years.