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  1. This is for all the remote traders and all of those seeking remote trading firms. What firms have what rates??? Who has the best??? Please only post of rates and fees that you have or that you know about........this could help a lot of people if you only post genuine information.....thank you.......

    Who knows the rates for the following firms?
    Hold Brothers
    Swift Trade
    Coastal Trade
    Cy Group
    And other firms that I may not know about/mentioned
  2. I have tallked to 2 people from Assent.....

    One offered $10/1000 shares and $100 per month feee

    the other offered $8/1000 shares and $100 per month fee
  3. Global Market offers 0.20/1000, but payout is sub-100%.
  4. Do you trade with them? Is it 80 or 90% payout? And I would assume they would accept customers from outside canada.........
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    The payout at the firm starts at 60% I believe (with no track record).
  6. Anybody know of any other rates or firms?
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    JC- 0.005/share, 100% payout, 20-1 BP
    TradeVision Capital 0.004/share, 100% payout 10-1 BP
  8. But dont you have to be licensed ( getting series 7 ) even if you want to trade remote - ?
  9. I traded remotely thru Assent a few years back and paid .005 per share and had 65 to 1 leverage and 100% payout. I did deposit $5000 in initial capital.

    The Assent rates you were quoted were very high, you should probably call around some more to different offices and negotiate a better deal. Remember you are more of a customer at these type of prop shops, so make them an offer of what you are willing to pay.
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    Not for these firms that I mentioned. Don't know about any other ones.
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