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  1. Tom Frey

    Tom Frey

    just send a fax
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  2. lescor


    I've been trading with Echo since January, and remote from home since April. I've been consistently profitable since May after spending a few months experimenting with different styles and finding something that worked for me.

    I've banked enough money to live on for the rest of the year, which relieves the pressure to perform. I love the order entry software and the network of traders that I can keep in touch with during the day to share ideas with.
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  3. hans130


    How do you keep in touch with the network of traders during the day? Is there a special chat room the you go to ?
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  4. lescor


    A few of us are back and forth on msn messenger all day. Looking at Paltalk too, just have to get my router configured.
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  5. Echo is good enough to get the job done but system outages are far more frequent than I expected from a proprietary firm. I've heard others on this board say the downtime is limitted but I disagree completely. I experienced problems almost weekly. Overall, when it comes down to it, Echo seems just like any other shop (Bright, Lieber, et al)--nothing special...
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  6. hans130


    Echo software is not their own propietary software. Its a licensed software that is used by many broker dealers who claim its their own software. I believe it called Virtual trader.

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  7. TigerO


    I guess the only broker here who was honest about his customers profitability was a guy called Hitman.:D
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  8. That is one of the software programs used by our firm. It actually is proprietary software as we have had features added to it that no other firm has.

    There are other platforms that the firm uses. My entire office is on another platform known as Sterling

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  9. Majority of traders in this office are doing VERY well. Would I want everyone to come into my office and see people doing poorly? The invite was to see how well they are doing.

    I'm not posting #'s up as some traders have asked me not to. They have a right to their privacy.

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  10. I'm not a partner in the firm, I have no financial interest in the firm. I am a class B member just as I imagine you are. I joined ECHO about a year and a half ago. For almost 2 years I've watched them grow and prosper. The first year I was with them I can recall about 3 times total that they have been down.

    There have been some new problems recently I agree. I've talked with the partners of the firm and they are working out the bugs in the systems.

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