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    Any remote ECHO trader having problems with slow and freezing quotes the past couple of days?
  2. white,could it be your ISP?
    have you tried doing a trace ? speed test etc?
  3. They are installing T-3's right now for the remote traders. While it has been happening they have had to put all the remote traders on just a few of Echo's other networks so they are getting backed up. Should be better than before by end of week.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Uptick what is the best way to test speed etc?
  5. white -
    try this
    it might not be the best speed test...but it should give you an idea
    it also helps to do a trace directly to your data provider to see if you're getting any time outs
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    Besides your $200 per month desk fee, internet, commissions, and haircut charges, what other monthly fees do you remote traders have to pay?

    Do you have to pay for execution or filtering/quote software or is that included?

    Any other hidden fees?

    Thanks in advance,

  8. Im a remote trader at Wldc...and I pay no "monthly" charges. Everything is included in the commmission I pay. I never understood those so-called monthly charges....What's the point of paying the commission? They should calculate everything into the commission that you are paying. Simple.
  9. The $200 per month is rebated back with volume. 100,000 shares gets the fee down to 100 bucks and it's down to nothing with 200,000 shares.

    Considering that professional exchange data fee's come to $183 it tells you how much the firm is profiting when you add back office, T-3's and so forth for different things.

    There are some new features coming out with the merger in the software but I can't give all the details till new software is ready to be released and all the bugs are out of it.

    There are no hidden fees from the firm.


  10. Desk fee's were originally started to handle the problem of having a trader in the office who trades 200 shares a day and ends up paying $42 a month to the office

    while at the same time a trader who does 100,000 shares a day ends up paying a lot more.

    The desk fee equals the playing field. High volume traders get the fee back/ low volume traders don't.

    The firm is shelling out $183 in professional exchange data fee's per trader. They would have to have trading minimums on traders if they had no desk fee or they would lose money.

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