Remote Desktop App for Iphone

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by trend7rader, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. Looking for a decent, fast and stable application for remote desktop access via the Iphone: I've narrowed it down to GotomyPC, logMein, RemoteDesktop, jaadu vnc. Has anyone tried any of these? Any comments on any of these much appreciated.
  2. I bought Jaadu before the LogMeIn was available. Now I only use the LogMeIn and have been very happy (I connect to both Windows and Mac machines).
  3. thanks datamerc, I will check out logmein has some good reviews online.
  4. IRDesktop is free and works fine
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    I use on 2 computers. Works great for my needs. I've never had any problems logging into my computers remotely.
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    I use LogMeIn on my notebook to access my desktop but haven't tried the iPhone app for another $30 bucks. I think I would need a magnifying glass to see the screen on my iPhone.
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    LogMeIn for the iPhone