Remote demo account to check remote trader's performance

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  1. Open E Cry have instant fill.

    It's so easy to make money on the demo so it induces guys to open an account!!
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  2. Pekelo


    How to show your computer screen with Glance

    Phone your client or prospect
    Click the Glance icon, and choose Start Session
    Have your guest browse to your Glance web page and type the 4 digit Session Key



    Mikogo is a nice free screen sharing and remote access software which lets you share desktop with upto 10 participants simultaneously and also allows you to switch controls and remotely work on each other’s computers. It also comes as a Skype add-on and hence you can use it easily with Skype.
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  3. nkhoi

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    tell him

    1) buy a webcam

    2) aim at his screen

    3) share his screen with you thru paltalk private room, check with Lundy if you are not sure how to do it, done!
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    I would set up a joint account with you as the owner and him/her with trading privileges. That way you can monitor throughout the day and check real fills at night.

    IB lets you do that, for instance, and there are probably others.
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