Remote-controlled females?

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  1. What do:

    - genetic modification of foods and animals
    - fluoridation
    - ice served in water
    - vaccines (H1N1 = hi in one)
    - cell phone towers

    have in common?

    Answer: the singular goal to create the perfect woman who follows orders.
  2. I thout it was a remote control geometry incarnation
  3. That's a physics topic. Google "trans-structural time travel" for info on that.

    Some basic chemistry:

    Water molecules respond to magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves. If you place a large magnet near a stream of water, the water molecules will align themselves and it will divert the stream of water.

    So if you can align water molecules, imagine aligning a more metallic molecule that might have been imbibed, injested, or injected. Might that affect one's emotions? Vibrate that at a variety of frequencies and who would even expect?
  4. Larger breasts.
  5. Yep, that too.

    I should have included psychiatrists in the above list. They are pretty good at finding female trade-off decisions to get them to go along with their sex slavery.