Remote Control Software that Spans Multiple Screens

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  1. I'm looking for remote control software that will allow the client to span multiple screens. The two that I've tried so far restricts the client to one screen so in a multi-screen setup, I can't expand [the client] beyond 1 screen to make good use of my screen real-estate.

    I've tried Windows-XP built-in Remote Desktop as well as VNC. I'm hoping that someone here has experience with PCAnywhere or any of the other commercially available applications and can comment on them.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. I personally hate PCAnywhere. I use - it works fine with multi-screen desktops
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    I personally hate PCAnywhere. I use - it works fine with multi-screen desktops


    got following answer from :

    >>Dear Eli,

    Thanks for your interest in GoToMyPC!

    GoToMyPC does not support multi monitor setups at this

    would really like to see them wrong :)

    thanks for the tip, nice software
  4. Guessing the tech that responded probably didn't really understand the question. On W2K and XP systems, multi-monitor is effectively hidden, the desktop just looks like a single large high resolution screen. When I remotely access one of my multiple monitor systems from my notebook, the G2MyPC window on my notebook is scalled to show the whole large desktop of my remote system. I can zoom to normal and scroll around it or leave it scaled.
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    Try Remote Administrator from It's an awesome program for remote admin stuff but I'm not sure about the multi-monitor part.

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    thank You for the info, I will check with their support again.


    thank You for the link.